Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Rabelais Bolt Book

In my bookbinding quest, I decided to use all of the printing funds in my college account to print like 600 - 800 pages of The Works of Rabelais and bind what came out, with the intention of reading it. I'm relatively happy with the resulting book. The cloth is denim from old jeans and the brown cover material is cheap packing paper with some of my best suminagashi. The label/title/logo was made by layering images of text in photoshop. Structurally, it stays together nicely. I wish I had folded over the denim on top of the suminagashi and installed brads to make it look more professinal. I also wish that I had used double cardboard glued together for the covers and marbled the edges of the text block. Regrets aside, this thing is a BEAST to hold while laying in bed.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Hanzo the Razor

Hanzo the Razor (1972 - 1974)
An awesome trilogy of samurai flicks about a cop with a big dick and a penchant for sexually interrogating women. In this scene, Hanzo is telling off his boss.  I used charcoal, compressed charcoal/graphite (I don't know which) and conte. This was super easy and was finished really quickly.

Child of Rage

Child of Rage: a Story of Abuse (1990)
This is one of my favorite documentaries because the little girl talks about wanting to kill her foster family with knives, torturing her brother, masturbating, hurting pets and killing baby birds. I used charcoal, conte and colored pencils.

Monday, February 19, 2018


Since I'm doing abstract paintings and photoshop layers, why not combine 1 of each? The name is to keep track of what went into the final image: Cut paper 10, Decalcomania 4, Marbleizing 12, Spray 3 and Suminagashi 5.

Marbleizing 8&9

When I marbleized spray paint this winter, I tried photoshop layers on that, but it didn't work as well as with decalcomania. This is the best one that I made from that series.